Gentle Basics




Great for beginners and those looking to reconnect with the basics for their practice.  A very gentle and relaxing flow to help create a foundation for your practice.


Slow Flow

Tue & Thu- 6PM

Thurs- 5PM

Fri- 10AM


In a world of fast pace everything, slow flow is a chance to take a time out from our busy lives to find peace and serenity within our own bodies.  The benefits include finding balance between your edge and deepening your practice.


Intro to Vinyasa

Sat- 11AM 

Sun- 11AM


This class is a powerful, flowing, and dynamic sequence of poses that involves synchronizing the breath with a continuous flow of poses.  Vinyasa is one of the most popular forms of yoga in the United States.


Candle Light Flow

Mon- 6:45PM


A soothing class, peaceful atmosphere, lit by candles that allows you to ease your tension from your day. Allowing us to explore relaxing postures.



Wed-  6:45 PM 


Vinyasa is a dynamic series of poses flowing seamlessly together linking breath and movement. It builds heat, endurance, flexibility, strength and concentration and helps practitioners connect to the power of breath. This class focuses on proper alignment techniques, safe and intelligent sequencing progressions and is practiced to faster paced music.


No Limbitations


Starting May 2nd


A gentle basics class for amputees. Starting at the beginning of what exactly yoga is, allowing amputees to feel comfortable in class and their prosthetics. Creating adjustments for ourselves, being where we need to be, always having a place to work towards. Serenity is committed to teaching amputees how to thrive in life through thehealing power of yoga, getting amputees back to wellness and freedom in the body, mind and spirit through the practices of breathing, yoga poses, relaxation, and stress reduction