Kelsey is the owner here at Serenity yoga, and a registered yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance.  She originally came to yoga due to suffering from scoliosis and wanting to strengthen her body.  Kelsey instantly fell in love, and began diving deeper into the practice.  

As both a student and a teacher, she has had the opportunity to explore many different aspects of yoga.  While she loves taking an intense power vinyasa class, she enjoys nothing more than teaching a beautiful slow flow class.  She is committed to continuing to deepen her practice and knowledge, and is eager to connect with those along the same path.  Her goal when opening Serenity Yoga was to create a space where anyone and everyone feels welcome, having classes for students of all ages and levels of fitness.  

As of lately, there have been changes in her practice throughout the last year. She surrendered to her health and chose to have a colostomy, allowing her a second chance at life. Soon after she got back on her feet from that, she had shoulder surgery to repair her labrum, rotator and humeral head of the shoulder. While her practice isn’t anywhere close to where it has been before before, she is certain in her journey and the route she can lead you on. She strives to have Serenity be a safe place, without judgement, and practice along side you, walking the path she teaches.